About Us

About Us

Who are we:

VIBESBNB is a cannabis friendly online lodging marketplace platform that represents overcoming social and political dilemmas offering multi-user personas (travelers, hosts and service hosts) solutions in the travel and hospitality industry. All users, including travelers, hosts and service

hosts; combined creates a welcoming part of the Joint Community we are building-up each and every day. The standards on integrating essential wellness with well-catered luxury traveling experiences has transformed into the 21st Century’s culture where millennials can now connect with top rated hosting experiences which includes cannabis friendly amenities arranged specially for 420 friendly travelers.

Become a part of a Joint Community

All communities take shape into building a large networking hub overtime. We work as a team in guarantying the success of our users. The best part about networking within our community is that each traveler has the opportunity to connect virtually to create a personalized experience

tailored to the needs of the guests trips. Aside from traveling, becoming a part of the VIBESBNB platform can provide you with many options all in one tap from your device! A Host can be a Traveler, and a Traveler can be a Host. There are no barriers when it comes to journeying on a trip and source of income in the community.

Traveling with Technology

As the VIBESBNB platform becomes increasing popular many changes are forecasted, impacting the way we design for our users. VIBESBNB community users deserve the best user experience designed to solve common issues that may arise when planning a trip, traveling to destinations, and/or when users are hosting a property or experience. Feedback from users is highly valued to continue producing a user-friendly platform. Our design methods are influenced by the social and cultural changes our world is being impacted by.

Hope for the Future

Our vision for the future is to facilitate wealth building programs that introduces valuable hospitality skills and systems for prospective hosts and service hosts to enrich the guests lodging journey. Giving back is a massive part of our interdependence culture in which we focus on charitable acts of giving through educational assistance and self-development retreats for non-

profit organizations Planting seeds of hope for those w. We are optimistic with efforts to change lives of those around the world.