Trust & Safety

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Our platform is secure when it comes to our users’ safety. We screen all travelers and hosts who are signed up on our platform. Due to present times as we combat a pandemic, the safety guidelines and tips are prepared to ensure your physical and health safety.

COVID-19 Protocol

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to keep health and safety in mind. We’ve created a set of mandatory COVID-19 safety practices for both for hosts and guests of VIBESBNB listings, based on guidance from the World Health Organization and the US Centers for Disease Control. In addition, you should be familiar with general health and safety guidelines for COVID-19

safety, continue to monitor applicable government travel restrictions and advisories, and follow all national and local guidelines.

VIBESBNB has introduced guidelines and programs to help address health and safety concerns, but these measures cannot eliminate all risk. Especially if you're in a higher risk category (ex: people above the age of 65 or people with pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease), we recommend obtaining professional guidance and taking extra precautions when you are making the decision to book a stay or an experience on VIBESBNB. Learn more about health and safety guidelines for VIBESBNB Experiences.

COVID-19 safety practices (required)

Wear a mask and practice social distancing

1. All hosts and guests must agree to:

2. Wear a mask or face covering when interacting in person Maintain 6 feet/2 meters of distance from each other at all times

3. Follow VIBESBNB’s enhanced cleaning protocol’s 5-step process between each stay

4. All hosts must agree to follow the VIBESBNB enhanced cleaning protocol’s five-step process between guest stays.

All hosts and guests are required to follow the COVID-19 safety practices outlined above, as applicable. If you're a guest, you will not be eligible for a refund if your host cancels your reservation because you did not comply with these practices. Similarly, if you're a host, you will not be eligible for a payout if a guest cancels their stay because you did not comply with these

practices. Hosts who don’t agree to these practices by November 20, 2020 may have their calendars blocked. Any host or guest who repeatedly violates these guidelines may face other consequences, including account suspension or removal from the community.

Additional guidance for traveling and hosting during COVID-19

Don’t travel or host if you’ve recently been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

1. To protect the health and safety of our community, it is VIBESBNB’s policy that hosts (and all people who may be present at the listing before or during a stay) should not enter their listing(s) or interact with their guests, and guests should not check into a listing if any of the following are true:

2. You are actively infected or have tested positive with COVID-19 in the past 30 days

3. You suspect you are sick or have been exposed and are awaiting test results to confirm or deny a diagnosis of COVID-19

4. You are showing symptoms or are concerned about possible infection of COVID-19

5. You’ve had close, sustained contact with an individual confirmed or suspected to be infected with COVID-19, within the last 14 days*

For more detail about what to do in the event of illness or exposure to COVID-19, review the

following documents:

Extenuating circumstances policy for specific details about reservation changes and cancellations

related to the coronavirus

Quarantine and isolation stays policy to read more about these guidelines and VIBESBNB's approach to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wash your hands regularly

Be sure to wash your hands often, especially if you’re in contact with people outside your

reservation and are touching surfaces and utensils in a shared space or a common area.

Wash your hands properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol; cover your hands and rub them together until they feel dry

Maintain distance and wear a mask in common areas and shared spaces

When you are in a common area or shared space (as a host or guest), wear a mask and maintain distance from anyone who's not part of your reservation at all times in accordance with the COVID-19 safety practices (at least 6 feet or 2 meters). Hosts should avoid physical contact with guests and provide a no contact check-in whenever possible.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable staying in a private room or shared space, consider booking an entire place instead. If you’re uncomfortable hosting a private room or shared space, you can list your entire place, or pause your hosting if that’s not possible.

Hosts should also follow local guidelines around hosting private rooms, shared spaces, and the total number of people allowed to gather in the listing.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Note: As of August 20, 2020, 420BNB has announced a global ban on all parties and events at VIBESBNB listings, including a cap on occupancy at 16. This party ban applies to all future bookings on VIBESBNB and it will remain in effect indefinitely, until further notice. Read our Party and Events Policy for more info.

Additional guidelines for hosts of private rooms and shared spaces

1. Hosts of private room or shared space listings should also:

2. Cap the guest count to allow for social distancing in all common areas

3. Limit the spaces that guests can access, to avoid unnecessary exposure for you and your guests

4. Ventilate common areas during the stay, when safe and secure to do so, as specified in the cleaning protocol

5. Clean and sanitize common areas (such as bathrooms and kitchens) as frequently as possible

Some governments may place restrictions on hosting private or shared rooms or may impose additional obligations or requirements on those spaces. Please make sure to review and follow any additional safety and cleaning guidance from government and/or health authorities in your local jurisdiction.

What to do if you test positive for COVID-19 during or after your stay

If you recently tested positive for COVID-19 or have started to feel any COVID-19 symptoms, and have recently stayed in a listing or interacted with guests as a host, contact us. You should also inform relevant local authorities as well as your doctor.

Safety concerns

How do I report a message or block someone on VIBESBNB?

To report a message from someone or block any future communication from them:

1. Go to your Inbox and click the conversation with the person you want to block

2. Click the flag icon next to the message to report a user

3. You must select They're being offensive to block a user and follow the next few questions with the appropriate options

4. Describe the reason for blocking

5. Click Submit, then Block this person and OK

If you block someone, they won’t be able to send you messages, use Instant Book for your listings, send you a reservation request, or accept a reservation request from you.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

What is VIBESBNB doing to help hosts make their homes safer for guests? Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors save lives. That’s why we’re on a mission to get as many detectors into as many homes as possible. We encourage hosts to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

in their space, test them regularly, and make sure their listing description is up to date. Eligible hosts with an active listing can get a self-contained, battery powered, combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector at no cost through our Home Safety page (Home Safety Terms and

Conditions apply). Please check your local laws for applicable requirements for where to put detector(s) in your space. While we encourage hosts to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their space, at this time, we don't require confirmation that they've been installed.

Information about whether or not a home has the safety measures guests expect, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, appears on the listing page. Hosts can add or update these details in the Amenities section of their listing, found under Home Safety.

How does VIBESBNB help build trust between hosts and guests?

VIBESBNB offers a number of features that help build trust and cultivate a transparent community marketplace, including our secure messaging system, reviews, the Host Guarantee, and more. At VIBESBNB, we want to build the world's most trusted community. To help ensure our member's safety, we dedicate a knowledgeable and experienced team to monitor any suspicious activity in our marketplace. If you encounter an emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened by a host, contact local police or emergency services immediately. You can help our efforts by reporting suspicious or inappropriate activity on a person’s profile, listing, or messages.

To report something, click the flag icon on:

1. Profiles: You'll see a flag at the top of each profile

2. Listings: You'll see a flag on any listing

3. Messages: You'll see a flag in messages

What do I do if I feel unsafe during a trip?

If you encounter a emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened while traveling, contact local police or emergency services immediately. If you need help from VIBESBNB with a safety concern contact our Trust and Safety team. Before the start of your trip, be sure to read our safety tips to help you travel with confidence.

How is safety information disclosed in a listing? For guests, there are a number of safety factors you may want to consider determining if a property is suitable for you. We ask hosts to add property and safety information to their listings, along with things like House Rules and any additional rules. Hosts are responsible for completing these sections and disclosing all relevant safety information, and where possible, adding helpful details about what to expect. Guests should review the full listing to find out about a listing and its safety features. They can also message hosts to request any additional information. For hosts, you should disclose safety features and provide detailed info specific to your listing. Examples might include: “The pool/hot

tub has a gate or fence surrounding it,” “A security camera is located at the entrance of the building,” or “You’ll have to climb two flights of stairs to the entrance.” Even if you have safety

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

information disclosed elsewhere on your listing, we also ask that you complete the safety disclosure sections. Adding this info helps make sure your listing is as complete as possible. This can help prevent surprises at check-in and help your guests have a better overall experience. Find

out more about responsible hosting. We ask hosts to provide safety info in 3 categories:

1. Safety considerations: Describes the property and its surroundings.

2. Safety devices: Describes safety and security equipment at the listing.

3. Property info: Describes safety amenities or limitations at the listing.

Safety considerations

This category calls out features of the property and its surroundings. Pool/hot tub: Guests will have direct access to a swimming pool or hot tub. The listing can also tell you whether these are gated or locked. Nearby lake, river, or other body of water: Guests will have direct, unrestricted

access to a body of water (ocean, pond, creek, etc.) either on or near the property. Climbing or play structure: Guests will have direct, unrestricted access to structures intended for climbing or playing on, such as a playset, swing, slide, or ropes. Heights without rails or protection: Guests

will have access to an area or structure higher than 1.4 meters/4.6 feet that doesn’t have a rail or other protection.

Potentially dangerous animals:

Guests and their pets will be near possibly dangerous animals

(horses, mountain lions, dogs that may growl or bite) that could cause harm because of their behavior and/or size.

Safety devices

This category outlines safety and security equipment that may be available at the listing. Security camera/recording device: A security camera or recording device capable of recording or sending video, audio, or still images will be on the property in common areas. Hosts are required to inform guests of any cameras or devices on their property, even if they’re turned off -

undisclosed recording devices are never permitted. Find out more about security cameras and our community’s Standards & Expectations.

Carbon monoxide detector: If this is included in the listing, it will be noted under Amenities. If it’s not included, there will be a warning, which may be accompanied by a statement that it's not needed. Find out more.

Smoke alarm: The listing will have devices that detect and warn of the presence of smoke and/or fire.

Property info: This section describes some property amenities at the listing.

Parking on property: Guests should be able to park at least one vehicle on the property.

Pet living on property: Guests may encounter pets during their stay.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Spaces will be shared: Guests should expect to share some spaces (kitchen, bathroom, patio, etc.) with other people during their stay. Find out more.

Stairs must be climbed: Guests will be expected to walk up and down stairs during their stay.

Potential for noise: There may be unavoidable noise during a stay, such as traffic, construction, or noise from nearby businesses.

Amenity limitations: Guests may not have access to all the things they expect to have when traveling, such as wi-fi, running water, and/or an indoor shower. Find out more.

If safety information is not disclosed to guests

Listings that are not updated with safety features will contain a warning to guests in the Things to Know section. This is another important reason to update these new sections, even if the information is disclosed elsewhere on the listing. If the smoke alarm field is not completed, the listing will state “Smoke alarm not reported”. If the carbon monoxide alarm field is not

completed, the listing will state “Carbon monoxide alarm not reported”. If any of the other safety considerations or safety devices fields above are not completed, the listing will state “Other safety features not reported”.

What should I do if I am concerned about the location of a place I'm staying? If you’re concerned about the location of your reservation, contact your host to learn more about the neighborhood. It's also a good idea to read everything the host has posted about their listing in the description, the amenities, and the house rules so there won’t be any surprises. Make sure

you understand the host's cancellation policy before submitting a reservation request, too. If current events or political strife create an unsafe situation, you may be able to apply for a full refund if you cancel your reservation due to extenuating circumstances.

What happens if I am injured during my experience? Your safety is our first priority. If you’re injured or require medical attention while on an experience, you should get yourself to a safe place and contact local emergency services immediately. Once you’re safe and your immediate concerns have been addressed, report the incident to us by going to the Profile tab of

your VIBESBNB app and tapping Help & support, then choosing Contact VIBESBNB under your trip.

Host Help

Always pay and communicate on VIBESBNB. Use VIBESBNB’s messaging system to get to know your guests and share expectations about the trip or your space. Read profiles and reviews of your potential guests, and look for verified phone numbers, connected social networks, and references. If potential guests don’t have any profile verifications, you can ask them to complete some.

Trust your intuition: If you don’t feel right about a reservation, don’t accept it.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Fill out your house rules and house manual

Completing your house rules and house manual helps guests know what to expect. Include anything you’d like people to know before they book—for example, whether (or where) smoking is allowed, whether certain areas are off-limits, your wifi password, or if guests should take off their shoes before coming inside.

If a disaster affects your area and you’d like to help by hosting people in need of emergency housing, you can list your space for free.

Make sure you're insured

You may also want to talk to your insurance provider about adding an extra layer of protection with your own renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

Set requirements for your listing You can require guests to complete certain verifications before they book, such as Verified ID. Adding a security deposit to your listing can also help protect you in the event of an accident, like spilled wine on a rug.

Read VIBESBNB’s Responsible Hosting articles

We encourage hosts to think carefully about their responsibilities. Hosting offers rich experiences, but it comes with a certain level of commitment.

Remember: In an emergency situation, or if your personal safety is threatened, contact local police or emergency services immediately.


How do I report discrimination to VIBESBNB?

VIBESBNB’s nondiscrimination policy was created to protect our community, and we take reports of discrimination very seriously. To report content from VIBESBNB profiles, listings, or messages that you believe violates our nondiscrimination policy, click or tap the flag icon . To report a

message while using the VIBESBNB app, tap the more icon , then tap Report. To report an in-person incident, or to send a detailed report, contact us. Please provide specific details and identify the person you believe has violated the nondiscrimination policy.

Note: In an emergency, or if your personal safety is threatened, contact local police or emergency services immediately.

What we do with reports

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Our community support team investigates reports and may follow up for additional documentation. If needed, we’ll also offer personalized, hands-on booking support to find you a different place to stay.

If someone has violated our nondiscrimination policy we will take corrective action. This can include warnings, suspension, or account removal.

Please note that, for privacy reasons, we’re unable to share the outcomes of these investigations.


What does VIBESBNB do to support accessibility?

To make it easier for people with disabilities and other accessibility needs to travel on VIBESBNB, we've taken action to make our website and app more accessible, and created ways for hosts and guests to showcase and search for accessible spaces. We've learned a lot about what's working and what isn't, and we've created a team dedicated to educating our engineers and designers about how to create online experiences that everyone can

use. Learn more about how we design for accessibility.

Spaces with accessibility features

Hosts can highlight features of their home that make it more accessible for guests who use wheelchairs, canes, or other mobility aids. If a home already has things like a well-lit entrance or wide hallways, hosts can add these as features to their listing. Additionally, VIBESBNB requires hosts to show photos of any accessibility features mentioned, so that guests will have a clearer

idea of what might fit their needs. Learn how to add accessibility features.

Guests can easily search for places that will be a good fit by using accessibility features. For example, guests can filter search results so they only see homes with an elevator or an entrance without steps. Learn how to search for accessible listings.

We ask hosts and guests to work together to figure out if a space will work. We expect our hosts to be open to discussing accessibility details with guests, and sometimes make small adjustments to help a guest safely and comfortably move through a home. Learn how hosts can support guests with disabilities.

Additionally, in the United States, the Americans with Disabilities Act and state disability access laws may apply to some hosts with five or more listings. We encourage hosts to visit and

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

contact an expert who can advise you about your listings. The ADA National Network and its regional ADA centers may also be able to help hosts with questions.

Assistance animals

We recognize that assistance animals are not pets, and that they serve a critical function for their owners. If an assistance animal is housebroken and under control, a host is required to accept it (even if the host doesn't allow pets), except for limited health and safety reasons. Learn more about assistance animals.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Our community is built on the principles of inclusion and respect, and we don't support discrimination of any kind on 420BNB. Learn about our Nondiscrimination Policy.

We understand that not all homes will meet a guest's needs, but hosts can't turn a guest down just because the guest has a disability. To report discrimination of any kind on VIBESBNB, report your issue to us.

Contact us

We're continuing to work on making VIBESBNB more accessible, and are here to help. To get help using VIBESBNB, or to report a home that was incorrectly described as accessible, contact us to get in touch with a member of our team.

What is an assistance animal?

At VIBESBNB, an assistance animal encompasses any of the following terms:

Service Animal: Dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or mental disability. These animals are sometimes referred to as “seeing eye” dogs, helper animals, service animals, or support animals. Examples of tasks a service animal may perform include, but are not

limited to:

Assisting individuals who are blind or have low vision with navigation and other tasks Alerting individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing to the presence of people or sounds Providing non-violent protection or rescue work

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Pulling a wheelchair

Assisting an individual during a seizure

Alerting individuals to the presence of allergens

Retrieving items such as medicine or the telephone

Providing physical support and assistance with balance and stability to individuals with mobility disabilities

Helping persons with psychiatric and neurological disabilities by preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors

Emotional Support Animal: VIBESBNB defines assistance animals to include Emotional Support Animals. These are animals that are used as part of medical treatment and/or therapy to assist with an individual’s daily functional tasks, but are not limited to a specific type of animal and are

not required to be trained to assist an individual in a particular task. These animals are sometimes referred to as comfort animals or therapy animals.

Are hosts required to accept assistance animals?

Generally, yes, unless there is a threat to health or safety (see below). At VIBESBNB, we acknowledge that assistance animals are not the same as pets and serve a crucial function for their owner. As stated in our Nondiscrimination Policy, hosts are expected to reasonably accommodate reservations where an assistance animal may be present, even if their listing/house rules state “no pets”.

When can a host ask a guest to remove a service animal?

A host may ask a guest to remove a service animal if:

The animal is out of control and the animal’s handler does not take effective action to control it

The animal is not housebroken

In either scenario, the host must still give the guest the opportunity to use the premises without the animal if the guest so chooses. Note that given their role in providing service or emotional support, assistance animals should not be left alone at a listing.

Do guests have to disclose the presence of an assistance animal before booking?

No. While guests are not required to disclose the presence of an assistance animal before booking, we always encourage transparent communication to ensure a smooth experience for all.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

Is it okay to charge an additional fee, or increase the cleaning fee, to accommodate the assistance animal?

No, under VIBESBNB’s Nondiscrimination Policy, hosts cannot charge extra fees to guests with an assistance animal.

Is it okay to request documentation for an assistance animal?

VIBESBNB does not require documentation when traveling with an assistance animal. In the United States, guests are not required to provide documentation for a service animal and there is no

legally recognized certification process for service animals. Where a guest indicates that he/she has a service animal, a host may ask:

Whether the assistance animal is required because of a disability

What work or task the animal has been trained to perform

If you are traveling outside of the United States, please be aware that the requirements may differ. VIBESBNB recognizes that some jurisdictions may require prohibitions on all animals, including assistance animals, and we do not require hosts to violate local laws or take actions that may subject them to legal liability.

Can a host request additional compensation if the animal damages a listing beyond normal wear and tear?

Yes, in the same way as a host has the right to retain some or all of a guest’s security deposit to compensate for damage caused by the guest. Although it is reasonable for a host to expect that an assistance animal is well trained and will not cause any damage, the Host Guarantee and security deposit are still at the host's disposal in the rare event that an accident should occur.

What if I have a health or safety concern related to assistance animals?

It’s important to be aware of the fact that the assistance animal, whether a service animal or emotional support animal, plays an important role in your guest’s ability to travel. However, if your listing includes a shared space and an assistance animal would create a health or safety hazard to you or others (e.g. allergies and pets who are unable to share space with other animals

due to a safety concern), we will not require you to host the guests with the assistance animal.

Please be clear and polite when communicating with guests about this. We also suggest you include information regarding any allergies or any safety concerns regarding your pets in a shared space in your listing description in order to better inform prospective guests.

VIBESBNB Trust & Safety Policy

Last updated February 24th, 2021

I was denied a booking because I have an assistance animal. What do I do?

VIBESBNB takes reports of discrimination in our community very seriously.

If you believe you have experienced discrimination on our platform, please submit a report via this form. Please provide specific details and identify the person that you believe has violated our Nondiscrimination Policy. You can also flag messages or other content that you believe violates our policy. More information about the flagging process is available here.

We will investigate the situation and may follow up for additional documentation. We will also offer personalized, hands-on booking support to ensure you find a place to stay.